December 14, 2009

Queen of Tarts - Revisited

A few weeks ago I made the "Queen of Tarts" doll and have been thinking about what I might do to enhance her a bit. An article I read on making paper cupcakes gave me the idea to make a tart for her to hold.
The paper cupcake instructions were altered as shown here. Measuring from the rim, cut the bottom off of a paper cup. Cut a circle of plain paper (a bit larger than the open "bottom") and glue it in place.
White tissue paper was glued around the form and painted with cheap gold paint.
A circle cut out of foam core was smeared with a layer of ceramic tile adhesive and let dry.
Glue some fancy trim around the top edge of tart form.
Crumpled tissue glued into the tart pan and then glued the "tart" in place. Using a quilling tool, make spirals out of quilling strips and glue these on top of the tart and add a heart - of course!
Here is our little queen holding her tart. It really does look good enough to eat - and NO calories!!

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