December 24, 2009

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

I've been invited to participate in the Naples Museum of Art's 2010 fund raising event "Have a Seat III - Fabulous Fabrics!" The funds raised will support educational programs, lectures, exhibitions and the endowment. Forty-one artists are participating in this event.

Each artist was provided with an umbrella. Most of the artists invited are painters. I like to use fiber in my creations - naturally! I thought about what do to for quite some time. I made several false starts, and then had one of those "Aha!"moments.

This beautiful striped taffeta took my breath away. I sliced it up and started sewing
around, and around, and around!
I may add a few more rows of stitching - but that will have to wait until next year!!
It's Christmas Eve and we've invited friends over to celebrate. I've got to start rattling some pots and pans in the kitchen pronto!

However you celebrate the holiday season, I hope it's filled with joy and love.

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Anonymous said...

That umbrella is COOL! Never would have thought of something like that to decorate with~ Way to go~