December 5, 2009

Christmas Bustier

A few years ago, my husband presented me with a dress form for Christmas. It was something I'd always wanted. I love decorating "my girl" in seasonal attire. Here she is sporting a Christmas bustier. The "fabric" is made up of brown paper bags, painted, stamped; cut to size, stitched and decorated with Christmas trim. The skirt and necklace are Christmas tree garlands. I particularly like the tree topper I found on clearance a number of years ago!
This bustier is made in much the same way as above. Image transfer techniques were also added to the bags. This "Size 10" piece hung in an exhibit at a local art museum. The theme was "10." I took pictures of anything with a 10 on it, i.e. speed limit sign, street signs, house addresses, my toes, Richard's fingers, a dime and $10 bill - these two elements embellished the piece quite nicely making up the shoulder straps and bottom edging.
Here she's dressed for summer - embellished with additional paper, buttons, and trim. The skirt is a Christmas tree garland. This was bustier sold during my studio tour sponsored by the Naples Museum of Art.

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