March 22, 2018

On Edge...

I'm learning to be flexible with my abstract artwork - nothing is so precious that it cannot be changed.  I admit it is hard to do!

I started out painting the background (which I love) and then adding the figures wet on wet.  I thought I was through with it - I even signed it! but I kept looking at it over the past a couple of days - something about it was bugging me. 

It is difficult (for me) to just paint and not draw first...which is what got me into trouble in the first place!  I didn't want too much detail in the faces, but all black - aach!  I took a leap of faith - grabbed paint brushes added faces and hair, altered the legs and hands.  I like it better now (I think) - only time will tell. 

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

I agree. I like the more complete look of having the faces and hands filled in. At first I thought it was a statement painting and I wasn't sure what it meant with the black faces and light hands and an emptiness of face sometimes creeps me out. But I love the colors, the squares, the overall look and the finished piece I like very much indeed.