November 18, 2010

I Moo - Do You?

I love business cards. I create new ones all the time. Recently I discovered moo cards - so cool having a variety of little cards showing little snippets my fabric art to share with friends and customers!

I picked up a copy of Somserset Studio's "Artful Blogging" the other day. I'm so impressed with the blogs featured in the Nov.Dec.Jan. 2011 issue. I'm determined to work on my photography and blogging skills - I'm much more comfortable with my sewing machine! I took quite a few photos of the moo cards, changed lighting, arrangement of the cards, etc. In PSE 9.0, I added a vignette. As I said, I need to work on my photography skills - but right now I am itching to get started on a new art project - there just is not enough time in a day.....

1 comment:

Heather said...

oh i just discovered that magazine, and yes, it was very inspiring! I have heard of moo cards, too! enjoy your day.