August 29, 2010

The 25th Annual Tallahassee International Opening Reception

On Friday, August 27, my husband and I drove up to Tallahassee, FL for the opening reception of The 25th Annual Tallahassee International art competition at Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts.  It was our first visit to our state's capitol.  I wish we had planned to stay longer.  Tallahassee is a fabulous city.  The city and university campus would be great places to explore.

"Escalator, Pompidou Centre" by Bruce McCombs from Holland, MI

The Tallahassee International is an annual, juried competition sponsored by the Florida State University of Fine Arts and juried by a panel of faculty from the College of Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance.  This year close to 400 artists entered the competition, submitting nearly 800 works for consideration.  Fifty-eight works by fifty artists were selected.

I am very happy to say that a piece of my work was juried in.  Here I'm standing with Jean D. Young, The 25th Tallahassee International Coordinator (on right).

"War Stories: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" by Pat Kumicich 

Below are just a few of the art pieces in the exhibit.

"Under Pressure" by Robbie Barber from Waco, TX

"Flight Attendants" by Tirtzah Bassel from Boston, MA

"Urban Renewal" by Brad Birchett from Richmond, VA

"My Teeth" by Brett Eberhardt from Macomb, IL

"Repressive Existence" by Rae Goodwin from Lexington, KY

"Manhood (Comfort)" by Wesley Harris from Orlando, FL

"Echoes From the Past" by Monique-Janssen-Belitz from Albuquerque, NM

"The Woman Who Owns the Chickens" by Julia Millies from Howell, MI

The exhibit is open until September 26, 2010.  If you find yourself anywhere nearby, make a point to stop in and see it!

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Jacalyn @ said...

How proud you must be! Congrats! Sorry to say I can't visit being all the way in New York!