October 23, 2009

Travel Purse

I'm not taking a lot of clothes with me on our upcoming trip to Croatia. To keep it simple, I'm going to mix and match my wardrobe with two colors - blue and black. I decided to make a small purse just big enough to hold my passport, credit card, etc. This little purse will be worn under my jacket keeping my hands free. The base fabric is an old denim shirt. I've used this shirt for many projects and there is not much left of it. I stamped it with fabric paint.The shirt fabric and lining were cut to 15.5 long x 5.5 wide which will make a finished purse 6" long x 5" wide with a 3" flap. (Being a quilter, my seams are 1/4" wide.)
A strip of fabric 2" wide was folded twice and top stitched, cut to size for loops.
The loops were attached to purse just below the flap fold and down a bit from there. A corded loop was stitched to the middle of the flap. The lining was attached (RST) and once turned inside out - magically a purse was born.
I stitched a button to the front and threaded cording through the loops. All done! This was a quick and easy purse to make - about 1.5 hrs.

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Diana Parkes said...

Great idea! Love the result.