October 12, 2009

Travel Journal

After much thought, I decided to make this journal using watercolor paper. I cut 140lb. cold press paper in 5.5x7.5 sheets. Each sheet was then painted with watercolor. Using Photoshop Elements, I created text for each page showing the date and place I'd be and printed same.
On the back of each page, a pocket was attached to hold postcards, etc. (see arrow). Drawing paper was cut to size and two sheets were inserted for each day of the trip.
I made a template for the holes and used a Japanese hole punch which worked great. I was able to punch 5 pages at a time.
For the journal's covers, I applied Inkaid to painter's canvas and printed a collage of maps I'd made in Photoshop Elements with added text. I covered heavy cardboard with the canvas.
To make sure the covers dried flat, I piled books and bricks over top and let set for 24 hrs. Holes were punched into covers - a bit trickier because of the canvas, but with patience and a lot of elbow grease, I got the job done.
The covers and pages were then aligned (I used skewers to help keep everything in place). Now I was ready to sew the binding.
I used a large eyed needle threaded with a hemp-like thread to sew the book together. I made the holes large enough that sewing was not difficult at all. Some decorative buttons were glued on to complete the book cover.

I plan to bring a netbook with me on the trip and hopefully blog about our trip.

I'd love to hear what you think about this journal!


Diana Parkes said...

This is great Pat. I like this preparation before the trip. I often think I will do a journal when I get back from my trips but this usually doesn't happen as life takes over again. I love the use of the four F clamps!

Jennifer said...

Turned out fabulous, Mom! Can't wait to see it again when it's full of interesting scraps and drawings and such ... so fun!

Love and miss ya!