May 17, 2018

Oh my aching...everything!

It's ages since I posted on my blog.  In late March, I experienced sciatic nerve pain "attack".  It's awful!  I've had X-rays, MRI, physical therapy, meds, an injection - still no lasting relief.  It's totally exhausting feeling this way.  If you've ever experienced a sciatic attack, you'll know what I'm talking about.  I've managed to keep working on my art, but I have a hard time sitting down for any length of time.  I'm now standing up to do the handwork - less painful, but awkward to say the least.  Oh poor me, blah, blah, blah!


Jeanie said...

Oh Pat, I'm so sorry. Creating ceases to be fun when you are in pain. Sending good wises for feeling better soon.

Lorraine said...

I can totally understand what you're experiencing. I couldn't sit for almost three months because of sciatic pain. The only thing that kept me going was being able to keep my creativity alive while standing. They couldn't find anything in the MRI and PT and the "shot" didn't work. Surgery was the last option but they found the disc that had ruptured had torn off and was sitting on the sciatic nerve - not visible on the MRI. The relief was immediate though I still have numbness in my foot - but not pain. I hope that this ends soon for you. If you have a higher table to work at with a stool you can lean on with your good "cheek" you might get some rest from standing.