September 10, 2014

Budapest 2

I am way behind in posting to my blog.  We've been very busy and having a great time.  The internet connections have been sloooow making blogging a chore.

We joined a walking tour while in Budapest.  Our guide Julia told us that tradition says if one rubs the balls of the Hadik Andras statue, it would bring one luck and good fortune.  Despite the fact that I was the oldest woman on our tour, I was the only person willing to climb the statue for a rub.  It must have worked because things are going along quite nicely on this trip!

Saturday is a big wedding day at the Basilica - we saw at least 4 bride and grooms parading around the square.

We attended a performance by the Danube Symphony Orchestra.

Waked from the Pest side over the White Bridge up a gazillion stairs and winding paths up to the Citadel.

Half way up...

View of the Pest side - you can see the White Bridge below us.

This monument sits atop the Gerard Hill with the Citadel behind.

Budapest has so many things to see and we hope to see them all...


Optimistic Existentialist said...

What amazing pictures. I love the picture of that view and also of the staircase!

Kia said...

I really like your photos, Pat! Such a pity I had no idea you had to rubs the balls of the Hadik Andras statue for good fortune when I was there years ago. I must go back! ;)

Jeanie said...

What a glorious collection of photos. Yes, I think your journey will be very lucky indeed!