July 10, 2013

Amelia Island Adventure Day 2

Up early to catch the sunrise.  The tide was still out - a breeze - no people - heaven!

Walking around Fernandina Historic District
The homes in the area are delightful.  Beautiful gardens and lots of picket fences.

Train Depot opened in 1899 and served as the railroad depot until the 1930s.  It now houses the Visitors Center.

 Nassau County Courthouse built in 1891
I thought it might rain - but it did not

 Back to the beach

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ann @ studiohyde said...

These photographs are wonderful and show this as being such a lovely area to visit.

Kia said...

What a beautiful place! Simply lovely. :)

jviola79 said...

These are BEAUTIFUL photos! I was your neighbor at Wordless Wed. So glad that I was as I enjoyed these!

TaMara Sloan said...

I love the beach! I really love your sunrise shot. We're heading to the beach later this month so I might try to catch a sunrise (if I can get my lazy body out of bed early enough).

Jeanie said...

What a beautiful and charming place! I think you MUST be working on your photography as these are all quite perfect!

meleah rebeccah said...

Now I want to vacation there!