April 27, 2012

Truly's Texas Two Step

Truly is on the road in a 1962 Chrysler Imperial.  It's destination is Gilley's Bar in Texas - to drink a little bourbon - and kick those boots!

This photo collage was so much fun to create.  It gave me the opportunity to play with Photoshop brushes, filters, blend modes and assorted clip art.

I've never been to Gilley's.  Have you?

"Paris Texture" courtesy of Pixel Dust Photo Art

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SueAnn Lommler said...

Now this is fun and way cool!!
PS. Nope never been to Gilly's

Ruth said...

I love your collages Pat, this one is really great :)

Merike said...

Me too, i love your collages :)

My answer is: No i haven't. I living in Finland :))

Merike said...

Me too, i love your collages :)

My answer is: No i haven't. I living in Finland :))


Definitely following you and your blog.
I hope to learn something from clever you.
Have a lovely weekend

Sherri B. said...

Wonderful photo art, as always! I've never been to Gilley's, but I sure have heard of it. I hear it's a huge place, and I bet it's a sight to see!

Luna Tiger said...

What a funny collage ! I love this old stylish car !
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Ida said...

Super Fun! Reminds me of the Nancy Sinatra Song, These Boots Were Made For Walking. You are always very creative with your photo art.
I've never been to Gilley's or Texas.

Deborah said...

I enjoy your art and your humor! absolutely fantastic!

Sonya M. Jones said...

I ♥ this collage. It's cute and funny. The cowboy boots drew be in...too funny!

ormbunke said...

Kul bild.

Evelyn said...

No you are talking my talk:) Yes, I have and it was awesome (about a million years ago). I would love to see what you do with Texas windmills a kinda spin off of your Windmills and Tulips. Still enjoying following you.

kareninkenai said...

Very fun - always exciting to play with Photoshop. You did a wonderful job of marrying all the components. Visiting via Bonnie's PAF today. Thanks, Karen