September 2, 2011

Doin' the Mashed Potato

I know it sounds crazy - but I used mashed potatoes as a paint resist on fabric.

finished result

Muslin pinned tightly to padded board.  I bought the cheapest grocery store brand of dry instant mashed potatoes.  Mixed 3/4 to 1 cup of the dry potato flakes with about 2 cups of hot water.  (The mixture should be the consistency of  pudding.)  

Potato mixture spread over top.  The hard part is waiting for this to dry!  I waited overnight.  When the mixture is dry, it cracks - this is a good thing.

Fabric paints brushed over dry potato mixture.  Let paint dry then rinse fabric with warm water to remove potato mixture.

This was my first attempt using mashed potato resist.  I need to think about whether the results were worth the effort.  What do you think?

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Henrietta said...

Really interesting experiment and do develop this, I think this will be very useful for some purposes and when you coming little more familiar with technique it will give you amazing possibilities.
Have wonderful weekend

Henrietta said...

LOL:) you funny women

Gabriela Delworth said...


Are is never crazy. What are you going to do with this fabric?


AshTreeCottage said...

You just let your creative spirit soar don't you! I admire you.

Susan and Bentley

Carol at Serendipity said...

Very interesting. Very, very interesting.


Happy Pink Saturday!

LV said...

You through me a new curve on this. I never heard of it


Great idea to use the mashpotato for my granddaughter Victoria's artwork, she's going to love this! Thanks for sharing, I'm at Pink Sat. too...see you soon! Have a great weekend. FABBY

bj said...

WHAAAAAT ? did you say mashed potatoes.? How interesting. What will you do with this?

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday Pat, Very interesting project I can't help but think, mom said, Dont' play with your food!" lol I'm not sure what you are planning to make with your fabric but if you like doing it and you like the results, it's a good thing. Have a great weekend. Linda

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Okay, now I will admit to having danced the mashed potato ! oh my.
but this is new to me but seems to work pretty well as a resist ... only I probably couldn't resist eating them ...

Tricia said...

OK - this is the first time I've heard of this! But I do like the results. I think it would be fun to experiment with it in other ways. I'm anxious to see what you do with the muslin! Happy PS!

Leann said...

Hmmm---first time I've ever heard of this technique. You learn something new every day.


Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Wow!! It looks about trying tator tots or frozen french fries? Since you've moved to the food aisle. {giggles} I think the french fries would create a cool design.

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

Cat & Cricket said...

Happy PS! And yes.. I will agree1
BC I would have eaten them all!
Have a great weekend!

Ann's Art said...

I think its a brilliant method of resist! and looks like it has been very successful...never thought of that before.

Sharon said...

Wow what a great "technique" - looks really effective!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!! Have a great weekend Pat!

racheld said...

I SO love browsing the great variety of ideas to be found in blogs. This was a lovely "AHA!" moment, and since I'd been toying with the flour-paste memories of childhood creatings, our young GRANDS are going to be sitting down to some Ore Ida Art very soon.

Perhaps even some Butterbud Batik. No---that was TOO lame.


Catherine Denton said...

This sounds like so much fun. I'm going to the grocery store today and I'm picking up some instant potatoes! Although, I would've preferred more paint on the end result, but maybe that could be figured out.
My Blog

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, first thanks for visiting and commenting on the felted postcards. The second post on the same day shows a machine needle felted art journal cover if you want to take a look. Yes I love my needle felting machine and I know you will too.

Yes, I believe the mash potato resist was worth it and how did you ever think of that. I've been experimenting with all the mediums used with acrylic paints on the market and I must say they can be a bit pricey; especially for such a large piece, so I see your efforts showing already. And it is unique -- keeps us inspired. I wonder what else I could use. I'll be cooking tonight and come across something and say "what if" Blessings Terri

Birgit said...

Great idea -- but where's the pink? ;)

Greetings from Germany,

PS: See my pink post here! :)


Thnks for coming! Yeah, it's been spilled a lot of everything in the tablecloth, you can see some stains in the center of the topper! I made it 15 yrs. ago. I have another tablecloth I did for Xmas too, several years ago, maybe, 27 and now I feel like starting one, it's very relaxing, you're an artist, you must know what I mean! Have a terrific weekend. FABBY

Michele said...

what an awesome experiment. i say keep playing with it and exploring the beauty of it. you are an artful diva indeed! thanks for visiting my blog! xo

Aunt Snow said...

Whoa! Fantastic idea!

You are amazingly creative.

happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

PO- tato's not crazy at all! I love the effect!

Thanks for your visit today...Happy Pink Saturday!
I'm now following you...stop by to see me anytime you like!

ciao bella


Daniella said...

I love the result!!
I just wonder what will happen to this instant potato piece. Like, will it go bad? Get moldy? Do you know what I mean?
And what are you going to do with this fabric?
I am sooooo interested in your process! Very iteresting!!! You always have such awesome ideas!!

aprons & Old lace said...

That is so neat!!! You are so very creative! Thanks for stopping by aprons and old lace

Lorraine said...

Well that is surely thinking outside the box - the instant mashed potato box! Pretty clever and it sure has great results.

Leovi said...

I love this excellent composition with beautiful tones. Excellent abstractions.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Cool idea with great results! I like your color choices.
best, nadia

Rebecca said...

Never heard of using mashed potatoes-sounds fun and interesting!

Rebecca said...

Never heard of using mashed potatoes-sounds fun and interesting!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

that is so crazy it's cool!!!
cheers, dana