April 19, 2011

Work Surface

I do a lot of screen printing and other techniques which require a good work surface.  I recently constructed a new surface.  Here's what I did:

Two 42x72 sheets of insulation board, duct taped together

screen slats cut to size, taped around perimeter of insulation board

layer of carpet padding cut to size 

8 gauge vinyl cut approximate 6" larger than on each side than insulation board, placed on floor; carpet padding and insulation board placed on top, duct taped down; stapled to board

work surface placed on 5 foot table - notice pvc pipe legs used to raise the table - a real back saver!

This is a large work surface which I use in the garage.  I use another similar surface much small in size for inside studio work.

Now I'm ready to roll and work on a new project!

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Kwiltsfl said...

Very nice! And I assume it is light weight enough to easily put away when not being used? Is the vinyl the kind painters use to keep paint off the floor?

~ Karen

JenHen said...

Great idea Pat. Looking forward to picking your brains during my Naples stay in 2012. Jen