January 1, 2011

Endless Possibilities...

I wanted to make a special card for my husband.  We'll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in January.  The time has flown by!

There are a lot of different ways to make an endless card.  This is what I did.  140 lb. cold press water color paper cut into 4 pieces each measuring 3 x 6 inches.  Each piece was scored with bone folder 1-1/2 inches in from the long side.  (Bend on these score lines going back to front for ease in handling later.)  On two of these pieces, the center point was marked (left drawing) and butted up to each other.  Glue was put on each of the four outer corners.  The remaining two pieces (right side) were placed over top of the glued pieces - in the opposite directions - keep all edges even.  Let dry.
Now the fun begins.  Using water soluble paint sticks, each side of the card was painted; stamped with acrylic ink and/or paint

First side

Card opened - then painted

Card opened - then painted

Card closed - then flipped over and painted

(Keep opening and/or flipping card until all sides are painted)
Embellish the card as much as you like.  You'll be amazed at the final results.  It's like magic!  

A few sides of my finished card (I can't show you everything - much too personal!!)

Now, I've got to make an envelope!

Go to Pink Saturday for more inspiration!


Lisa Balazs (Seshat Moon Willow) said...

I love your card!! It inspires me to try and make one myself. Have a wonderful New Year and happy anniversary.
Hugs, LisaKay

Sherry from Alabama said...

How beautiful! And congratulations on the 20 years!

Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink New Year!

Donnie said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for the tutorial. Happy Pink New Year.

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

Congratulations on the 20th! I loved the tutorial and have bookmarked it so I can try my hand at making one..Happy New Year!


Nancy said...

I love seeing techniques. Wonderful.

Happy Pink New Year!

Marydon said...

What a wonderful sentimental gift card ... so sweet.

Happy PS weekend ~
Hugs, Marydon

Char said...

Congratulations on 20 years of marriage, that is wonderful. I love what you created with the card, it's just perfect. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Pat Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. There is quite a bit of turning there, but I might be able to do one of these. How beautiful it truly is. I love giving gifts from the heart. They mean SO much more than one we buy in the store.

What day is your anniversary? My husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary January 16th. I don't know where the time has gone.

A beautiful share and I love that you gave the instructions. Great tutorial, and I will keep you posted on my card.

Happy Pink Saturday sweet friend. Many country hugs, Sherry