April 17, 2010

In the Beginning: A Quilt

This quilt is on display in the "A Stitch in Time: Fiber Art in the 21st Century" exhibit at
Physicians Regional Healthcare System" in Naples, FL

The piece was first drawn full size in a grid format on butcher paper.  The quilt is entirely pieced with the exception of the small floating red circles which are machine applique.
"In the Beginning"
by Pat Kumicich

I used tape to keep the pattern pieces together while stitching.  I liked the way it looked, so I added this component to the piece.
"In the Beginning" detail

Thank you for visiting my Pink Saturday blog entry!


Anonymous said...

that is amasing how talented happy pink saturday:)

Anonymous said...

That's lots of stitches. I cannot imagine the swirls and the work you put into in. You are one amazing lady.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry from Alabama said...

How lovely! Quilting is such a beautiful art. Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Wow! I wish I had the patience to quilt, I paint things, mostly furniture...my kids make it tough to sit and paint beautiful pictures, but I have learned to enjoy them while they are little~If you have time stop by http://shabbychictreasures.blogspot.com/
I am giving away a pretty rose teapot for the month of April!

Gracie Jewellery said...

Wow that was a lot of work. Happy Pink Saturday!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

How unique! You're a wonderful artist! Happy Pink!

Jeanne said...

Pat, how original and beautiful. I loved this post.
Happy Pink Saturday.
Hugs, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Neat header photo and background! Congrats on displaying your quilt. Very unique patterns you have. Very expressive. Enjoyed my visit! Thanks, Jenn

CC said...

Happy Pinks.. Your quilt is just gorgeous.. How very talented you are..

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! Welcome to PS!

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful quilt! Keep your beautiful artwork coming!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I have so much respect for all of you quilters. My sister is one and works with a group of ladies several times a week. They do some amazing work and your quilt is amazing too. HPS.....belated. :)