February 12, 2010

A Sow's Ear?

"Waste Not, Want Not" is a good motto. Once a year, I go through my closet and sort through what hasn't been worn. Decisions need to be made - keep it, toss it, reuse it?

A well worn brown jumper-type dress had seen better days. It had wonderful buttons and unusual button loops. I challenged myself to recycle the dress.

Sketch of purse
hand carved stamp
The dress was cut up to fit pattern pieces then stamped with fabric paints. Notice how the button loops were integrated into the design. Pattern pieces were seamed together. The resulting fabric was placed over felt and machine quilted. Facings were used for the shoulder straps. Buttons hand stitched into place. Side seams stitched to complete the purse and lined with a complementary fabric.

I challenge you to go through your closets and make something new for yourself!

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