August 16, 2009

Only One Leg To Stand On

Honestly, should a grown woman have so much fun playing with dolls? The answer is a resounding YES!

The base for the doll is a vintage wooden shoe form. Her leg is made out of a thread dowel, which I painted and distressed. I recently redecorated our master bedroom. The dress is made of a toile fabric that formerly covered a bench in the bedroom.

Below you can see some of the steps taken in the creating this doll. I meant to take photos after each step, but completely forgot. Once I'm in the "zone," nothing else matters much!
The shopping bag was made out of grocery bag. The little handles are yarn. I made up a French label using Photoshop Elements. The trim on the dress, arms, and hat is vintage carpenter's tape. I fashioned the red flower out of a red plastic newspaper sleeve. Waste not, want not - that's my motto!

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